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Fruiting & Flowering August 2016





Brush Cherry and Miniature Hosta are currently flowering. Flying Dragon Orange and Natal Plum are setting fruit.


  • Came out to the nursery last weekend and saw the Flying Dragon setting fruit! What a cool tree!!!

    • Hi Rusty.
      That orange is actually hardy in NJ. I have a customer who is growing them in the ground in front of a fence. The flowers are fragrant and the oranges are a great surprise. What else is a surprise are the curved thorns.
      I never tried them before as bonsai but after cutting them back hard, I see that they were quick to begin regrowing. That tells me they have potential!
      Thanks for coming out to see us!

      • Looking forward to coming out and seeing you folks again. The Chinese Elm and the Fukien Tea I purchased are doing well! Want to check out some olive trees you had last time I was there. Thank You for your patience and hospitality!

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