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External Links

Below are links to a few other bonsai-related sites we recommend reading, as well as descriptions of each:

Image of American Bonsai Society (ABS) website.

American Bonsai Society (ABS)

A non-profit corporation devoted to increasing knowledge of, and interest in, bonsai, throughout North America.  They also publish a journal.

Visit American Bonsai Society (ABS)
Image of Bonsai Empire website.

Bonsai Empire

A magazine-style website and form devoted to bonsai. Also check their bonsai trees for sale page.

Visit Bonsai Empire
Image of Bonsai4Me website.


An excellent source of articles on a wide variety of bonsai topics.

Visit Bonsai4Me
Image of Deepcut Bonsai Club website.

Deepcut Bonsai Club

You would be hard-pressed to find a nicer group of people in a bonsai club. If you’re located near Middletown, NJ, you should be a member!

Visit Deepcut Bonsai Club
Image of Great Swamp Bonsai Club website.

Great Swamp Bonsai Club

A great bonsai club for people near Madison, NJ.

Visit Great Swamp Bonsai Club
Image of Internet Bonsai Club website.

Internet Bonsai Club

An online community devoted to the art of bonsai where photos can be posted and questions answered.

Visit Internet Bonsai Club
Image of ofBonsai website.


An online bonsai magazine and great resource of articles, galleries, and reviews.

Visit ofBonsai