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Products & Services

We offer a variety of products and services at our bonsai nursery within the following categories:

Image of Accent Plants website.

Accent Plants

Accent plants are plants that compliment a bonsai display without stealing the show.

Learn more about our accent plants
Image of Bonsai website.


We offer a variety of bonsai, many that are just beautiful (flowering & fruiting)! We stock a full variety of trees suitable for all environments, from tropical to hardy, large to small, rough to refined.

Learn more about our bonsai
Image of Bonsai Classes website.

Bonsai Classes

Learn more in-depth about bonsai in a fun-filled, relaxed, group environment.  By the time you leave you’ll be confident enough to care for and style both your own trees and the one you start in our class.

Learn more about bonsai training classes and check upcoming events
Image of Bonsai Pottery website.

Bonsai Pottery

We carry a large selection of bonsai pottery, from a variety of sources.  We import from Japan and China, as well as carrying designer pots, in a variety of finishes, materials, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Learn more about our bonsai pottery.
Image of Pre-Bonsai website.


Pre-bonsai is what is known as unfinished bonsai material for those who enjoy creating their own, by finishing a plant we have started. Begin with a starter (2.25 inch pot) all the way up to a 2 gallon nursery can, or in some cases even larger.

Learn more about out pre-bonsai
Image of Tools and Accessories website.

Tools and Accessories

The art of bonsai has developed a range of tools and accessories to maintain and improve on the trees.  From clippers designed to cut delicate leaves to pruners that will cut through a branch several inches thick, learn about what you’ll need to keep your bonsai looking their best.

Learn more about bonsai tools and accessories.
Image of We Buy Bonsai Collections website.

We Buy Bonsai Collections

We buy collections of bonsai, tools, pots, books, and accessories.  Large or small, one item or many.

Learn more about selling your bonsai collection
Image of Wedding Centerpieces website.

Wedding Centerpieces

We often get requests to provide bonsai as wedding centerpieces.  The guests love them and they make an elegant, striking focal point for your special day.

Learn more about our wedding centerpiece design service.